Below is our ballon colour chart. These are our most common and requested colours. Our balloon garlands are organic in style and consist of a mix in sizes of balloons in order to achieve this look. 

2m garland is a standard for all backdrops and this starts at $160 for our standard colours. Please note we can order in other colours or create custom colours to suite your theme, this comes with an additional cost, please enquiry directly to discuss our custom colour options and pricing.

It is important our clientele are as informed as possible when it comes to balloons, as they can be temperamental. Our balloons are made of the highest quality latex and are long lasting if kept out of direct sunlight and away from sharp objects. Sunlight and heat effect balloons in different ways, the latex will oxidise and become a 'matte' finish, and if kept in the sun or heat too long, they can burst - this is not something we like to see happen. Keep this in mind when ordering your balloons and where they are to be placed!

Once your event has finished the balloons are yours to keep, these will last you 3 + weeks if kept inside and out of heat. If you don’t keep your balloons we have some places we donate the balloons to or otherwise pop.